If I had a country & a government I call mine!!

I watch and paid respect to a brave and successful campaign by relatives of murder victims, and this has now come to pass, it is time for me to ask some awkward question and demanding for an answers.

Even though I know I am a voiceless voice and won’t be heard that much, I will ones more shouts and drive the issue home where it belongs. The USA and its President received the sisters and fiancée of the late Robert McCartney on the 17/3/05 and gave full support to their cause. And it appears the whole world has been rattled, the machinery of justice has been forced to wake up and work round the clock to bring the perpetrators of the alleged crime should be brought to justice. Surprise, surprise the relatives have even been offered instant justice by the organisation at the centre of the controversy.

This in mind, however, I feel a sense of mockery that justice can only be offered and purveyed if only the people who pursue it are somehow powerful or have some connections to powerful people. This said, I still commend the President of the USA, to come out in support of murder victims. But American has to clean up its own acts and deliver justice in its own backyard before it demands other to doing what is right.

I have a brother who had been murdered in the streets of America a year ago and yet justice has not been delivered and it appears it will not be in the future either because there are some powerful people who wants it not to be done for some reason or another and the justice system is in collusion with such a plot.

The woman who murdered my brother had also murdered another person a night before, Professor John Hand and yet his sister, Helen Hand, The President of Colorado Free University, her brother John Hand founded in the past, and her husband, Supreme Judge, Michael L. Bender want the murderer, Amber Torrez, go free without trial for some reasons. Her is a Supreme Court judge entrusted with the highest responsibilities and can put people in prison for the rest of there lives and can take peoples’ lives if they so deserve, and he might have done that in the past and yet he does not wish the killer of his brother-in-law brought to justice? Something is wrong here – and I do not know what it is but surely there is something that they want to hide.

They, the supreme judge and his wife, made their wishes public via newspaper releases and in private when they appealed to me that I should also do so and fulfil their wishes.

But unlike I who insisted that justice must be served, the Denver Judicial system as if wanting to fulfil their wishes, declare the alleged murder unfit for trial after the district court judge Mr. Michael Mullions order her to go through psychiatrist test when she announced that she had the intentions to defend herself and dismiss her lawyers.

These assertion of her to defend herself and dismiss her lawyers were the only bases for the judge to order psychiatrist test, the best ever loophole she could ever hoped to be granted, which then opened the e flood gate for her to take mockery of the system, as many killers did before her, and fool the psychiatrists and the rest of the world that she is insane and not responsible for her acts.

But if dismissing defence lawyers is a good cause to warrant psychiatrists test, why then the former president of Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milosevic wasn’t declared mentally unfit to stand trial. Instead he has been allowed to do and continued to defend himself to this very day despite other medical problems he has been suffering from.

It looks as if justice is not based on hard rock solid system of set rules where judges refer to and use but what judge make suitable as they go along dealing with cases as they see it fit the events of the day – and that is where the pitfall is - America showing two faces.

If I had a country and a government I can call mine, I would have called upon and relied for its support when justice is clearly denied to its citizens working and living abroad. I know Ethiopia is not Ireland, I also know the prime Minster of Ethiopia is not Bertie Ahren and may not carry much weight if he represents the grievances and injustices of his citizen facing abroad. But if he were to do so and failed to get the attention the sisters of Robert McCartney got, at least I, and every Ethiopian living abroad will be proud and walk with our heads high for I and the rest know we are not alone in the struggle for justice but also Ethiopia our mother land is always behind us. Will that happen? Let us hope so!

This is not about a crime perpetrated against my brother. Crimes and murders can happen anywhere to any unfortunate prey and no body can stop that, Criminals are pathetic individuals and you can pity them. It is the injustice that makes matters worse and insufferable. Injustice is a collective crime when the system set to deal with fails to deliver.